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Residential Roofing Services

Shingle Roofs

Shingles are far and away the most common residential roofing material both for our Central Florida customers and for American homes nationwide. Shingles are relatively inexpensive and can be quickly laid (either overlaying an existing roof or applied to the plywood or oriented strand board we use d... [Read More]

Tile Roofs

A tile roof could be just the handsome grace note your Central Florida home needs! Tile roofs are not only classically elegant, but they are long-lasting and extremely durable as well. While tile roofing is more expensive that shingles, the beauty added to your Florida residence by a tile roof makes... [Read More]

Roof Teardown & Replacement

If your roof has sustained significant damage or has simple suffered from years of wear-and-tear, it may no longer be a viable option to repair it. If an entire teardown and new roof construction is needed, know that Wales Roofing can usually complete the project in just a matter of days. We tell ou... [Read More]


Gutters give out long before roofs do. Over the years, especially then there is an unusually bad storm season, your gutters will begin to function less and less productively. The time to replace gutters is before the fail and let water seep into other areas of your Florida home rather than flowing o... [Read More]


If there is one thing people can all agree on about Florida, it’s that the nickname Sunshine State is well-deserved! And why not put all that sunshine to good use by welcoming it in to brighten your Central Florida home with a skylight? Wales Roofing uses double-paned glass skylights that let... [Read More]

Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Just like happens with most things in life, roofs get damaged in two basic ways: chronic, long-term wear-and-tear, or a sudden, acute accident. If your roof has some missing shingles, sags in a spot or two and leaks in three or four more, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to replace it R... [Read More]

Chimney & Vent Maintenance

If your home’s chimney or venting are damaged or in general disrepair, we will gladly get them back to ship-shape in no time. As part of any roof installation or repair project, we also inspect other adjacent elements, such as chimneys, vents, and all penetrations (any of the pipes and stacks... [Read More]

Commercial Roofing Services

Shingle Roofs

If your business operates out of a property with a sloped roof, chances are the very same shingle roofing that many homeowners choose for their Central Florida residences will best serve your Florida business. Commercial shingle roofs are quick to install, moderate in pricing, and are easily maintai... [Read More]

Metal Roofing

For many businesses, metal roofing is far and away the smartest material choice. Wales Roofing has installed metal roofs for clients ranging from warehouses to schools, and the rugged durability and minimal maintenance of quality metal roofing is always welcomed by those customers who choose it. And... [Read More]

Flat Roofs & Cool Roofs

Many of our commercial roofing clients operate their businesses under flat or low-sloped roofs. Wales Roofing can service, repair, replace, or install flat roofs for most any size of commercial client, and we specialize in updating flat roofs with the latest cool roof technology. Wales Roofing insta... [Read More]

Skylight Installation & Manitenance

Installing skylights in your commercial location is a great way to get that bright, natural light streaming inside. Some businesses are even able to reduce their location’s use of electricity by switching off lights! Energy savings aside, there is no substitute for the sunlight when it comes t... [Read More]

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